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Resistomap helps research institutes, academia and hospitals around the world to stay on top of antibiotic resistance.

Our mission is to enable researchers, academics and health care professionals to monitor antibiotic resistance genes comprehensively using state of the art technology to prevent the outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

We offer an all-in-one service for monitoring the presence and prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in any environment, for example wastewater, river, soil, sediment, and stool.



We combine fast, affordable and high throughput genomic methods such as the SmartChip Real-Time PCR system with advanced analytics to quantify hundreds of antibiotic resistance genes from several samples, all at once.



We are a team of experts in bacterial genetics, computer science, molecular biology, business and have industry leading 10 years of experience in mapping antibiotic resistance.



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Our services include experimental design, sampling, DNA extraction, detection & quantification of antibiotic resistance genes, clear visual reporting, and consultation. 

Contact us at info@resistomap.com or ask for a quote!