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Our story

Antibiotic resistance is a pressing issue worldwide, and it's getting more complicated due to pollution and the impact of other health challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic. It's crucial to have accessible and straightforward ways to monitor our environment for antibiotic resistance – and that's exactly what Resistomap is here for.

Launched in 2018 by Windi Muziasari, PhD, and William Nurmi, Resistomap is at the forefront of combining microbiology and data science expertise to lead in environmental surveillance of antibiotic resistance. We're big proponents of the One Health approach, which highlights the vital link between human, animal, and environmental health. This philosophy is at the core of everything we do, driving us toward our goal of being worldwide leaders in monitoring environmental antibiotic resistance.

Resistomap is more than just a business. We are a diverse team at the front of a movement united by a shared drive to make a real impact in the fight against antibiotic resistance. From our base in Helsinki, we bring together specialists from a variety of disciplines to continuously improve antibiotic resistance monitoring solutions globally, contributing to ensuring safety and sustainability for the environment, and us – its inhabitants.


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Our values

Science driven

Resistomap’s foundation is all about a deep commitment to science. We aim for precision and accuracy through science, and embracing the forefront of technology in all that we undertake. Our brand is built on a foundation of continuous R&D and innovation, reflected in our advanced monitoring solutions.

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Service minded

Resistomap’s embodies a service-oriented ethos. Our brand stands for being approachable, reliable, and genuinely committed to helping. Through our user-friendly services and personalized touch, we make sure to meet the specific needs of our stakeholders. Resistomap is about building partnerships and supporting our global communities as we tackle antibiotic resistance together.

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Holistic - One Health

Resistomap’s mission drives our passion for tackling antibiotic resistance on a global scale with courage and innovation. We're committed to making a positive impact, leveraging advanced technology and a One Health approach that connects environmental, animal, and human health for a brighter future for all.

Leading our Team

Our dedicated team of scientists committed to combating antibiotic resistance.
Windi Muziasari
CEO and founder
William Nurmi
CTO and co-founder
Ajimufti Azhari
Chief of staff
Jesse Majlander
Operations manager

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