The most detected genes as of 2024

Resistomap Team
March 26, 2024

At the end of the year we consolidate our global database of antibiotic resistance genes (#ARGs) from environmental DNA samples, and this year we are thrilled to share that the number of analysed samples has passed 16.000.

Our database contains years of careful curation and standardised methods, providing a unique insight into the complex realm of #AMR in the environment. However, currently over 90% of the samples originate from Europe and Asia. To ensure a more comprehensive representation globally, we are actively working to increase the number of samples from underrepresented regions such as Africa, the Americas, and Oceania.

As of December 2023, our database includes:

  • 3500+ wastewater samples
  • 3100+ surface water samples
  • 2040+ soil samples
  • 1200+ sludge samples
  • and 6300+ samples from various sources like manure, sediment, stool, etc.

To access to the top 20 globally detected antibiotic resistance genes as well as comparing those found in European and Asian samples kindly register by the button via this link

Resistomap Team

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