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Introducing our newest team members

Resistomap Team
May 20, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the newest members of the Resistomap family. In the last few very busy months following last year's successful investment round, we have had the chance to welcome these talented individuals who have already become an integral part of our team. Their positivity and energy perfectly complement our seasoned team members, bringing fresh enthusiasm and dedication. We are excited to see the continued impact they are already making on our company. Meet our new team members:

Ajimufti Azhari

Position: Chief of staff

Hello! I'm Aji and I joined Resistomap in November last year as the Chief of Staff.

After almost a decade navigating the world of business intelligence, strategy and business development for bio and renewables sector, I was asked by the CEO to strengthen Resistomap's internal processes and strategic initiatives post seed investment. It was clearly a big task to tackle, but seeing the company's impact driven vision and the stellar team behind it, the journey has been proven fun, humbling and rewarding!

Getting onboard Resistomap makes me realise our generational's challenges lie beyond climate and it takes a lot of courage to trail-blaze the important mission to prevent the next pandemics. I'm super stoked to be part of the team!

Mina Dadashzadeh

Position: Customer project scientist

Hello! I’m Mina, a new member of the Resistomap team as a Customer Project Scientist.

My academic background is in Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology which has always fueled my fascination with the complexity of microbial systems. This passion has brought me to Resistomap, where I can apply and expand my knowledge to assist our customers in achieving their project goals by screening AMR.

Deciding to join Resistomap was straightforward, with considering its pioneering role in environmental surveillance of antibiotic resistance. I'm excited to be part of a team committed to enhancing public health and safety, inspired by the One Health approach that connects human, animal, and environmental health.

Janne Hyytiä

Position: Web developer

Hello,I'm Janne and joined Resistomap at the beginning of February.

My speciality is web development. I am developing mostly our platform user experience in the browser, but ultimately I'm a fullstack developer and can handle browser and server environments. I have always been highly interested with computers. I used to dream of becoming a biologist in high school. This was partially due to real interest in the world through biology and geography, but also because I didn't want to spend my working life also in front of the screen, which did not happen, life takes us often in unexpected directions :)

I was already heavily sitting and programming on my free time. So now I get to combine both of these passions of mine at Resistomap. Looking forward to making an impactful and meaningful changes to our society and making a world a tiny better place with Resistomap colleagues!

Sina Khabbazi

Position: Sales & Marketing specialist

Hi I'm Sina and I just started an amazing journey as the Sales and Marketing Specialist at Resistomap!

Coming from a background in marketing, communications and sales I've become interested in this field since my student days where I worked as a project researcher at university, being a part of marketing and communications team. My journey became even more exciting when I worked with startups by consulting them to foster growth by helping them with their sales and marketing needs.

In Resistomap's business support team and inspired by its mission I look forward to driving our growth and to make sure we have a positive and tangible impact to turn the tide against antimicrobial resistance and keep our communities safe!

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Resistomap Team

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