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Upgraded brand, same mission

Resistomap Team
April 18, 2024

Resistomap has recently undergone a transformation with a renewed visual identity that mirrors our heightened commitment in the fight against the global crisis of antibiotic resistance. This isn't merely a cosmetic change; it's an evolution of our brand and services to better reflect the seriousness and global scope of our mission.

Our previous brand image captured hearts with its playful, simple, and approachable visuals, serving us well in the early years of our company. As we adapt to address the growing challenges of antibiotic resistance, we are embracing a more refined and authoritative visual identity that reflects our core values and the global impact of our work. Today, our branding embodies a commitment to precision, rigorous scientific principles, and addressing the critical challenge of antibiotic resistance on a global scale.

This rebranding aligns with our strategic shift to not only assist researchers but also to empower stakeholders across different sectors including water and wastewater, public health, livestock, food safety, and more to come. We are upgrading our monitoring tools and services into a complete biosecurity intelligence platform to provide actionable insights that stakeholders can use to effectively manage and mitigate antibiotic resistance in their regions.

By making our data not just accessible but actionable, we enable real-world impact. Stakeholders, with the support of our renewed Resistomap biosecurity intelligence platform, will be able to make informed decisions to implement practices and interventions that are tailored and targeted to their type of environment.

As we introduce our new brand identity, we reaffirm our commitment to being at the forefront of this critical environmental and public health challenge, addressing the urgent need for environmental surveillance. We are setting the stage for greater international involvement and stand ready to provide our service for global projects and operations of any scale.

Together, we can turn data into action.

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Resistomap Team

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