How to start monitoring antibiotic resistance

by Resistomap Team

Resistomap's autumn webinar series has been focused on increasing awareness of antibiotic resistance by showcasing research and projects on various environments. Due to popular demand, we shifted towards a more practical focus this time around with the topic: “Monitoring antibiotic resistance: How to get started". 

Throughout the past webinars, we have received many inquiries about the specific steps for using our service. This month we decided to address all the questions by going into the details and specifics on how exactly to get started with monitoring antibiotic resistance with Resistomap. Following a step-by-step checklist, our lab team streamed live from our laboratory in Helsinki and explained the whole process, from when the samples are received to accessing the results on the ResistApp dashboard.

Webinar content:

Getting ready:
Services provided by Resistomap
Experimental design (customising the service to fit the objective, timeline, and budget for your project or need)
Required documents (legal and agreements)Billing procedureGet a quote

Preparing the samples:
Selecting antibiotic resistance genes to be analyzed
Sample specifics and advice (organising, sizes & types, packaging, and shipping)
Tips on using dry icePreview of ResistApp dashboard.

Our lab process:
Measuring concentrations
Handling samplesDNA extraction (automated by QIAcube)
Primer storage and customisationSmartChip qPCR

Towards the end of the webinar, there was a Q&A session where participants could ask more additional questions about Resistomap’s laboratory and analysis service.

If you would like to review the webinar discussed here for yourself, a recording is available here!

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